On-Site Fleet Services 24/7 Truck Repair and Service

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Landoll Authorized Service Center – Central Florida

Trust On-Site Fleet Services’ industry-certified techs and mechanics for all your heavy-duty truck and equipment maintenance or repairs.

Tow Truck & Rollback Repairs

The rigors a tow truck and rollback truck experiences require periodic maintenance and checks of its hydraulic systems to ensure their proper operation

Our service area covers a variety of Interstate highways and major roads with high traffic of commercial and privately-owned vehicles. Whether someone breaks down on I-4 or needs their vehicle transported to a mechanic shop, chances are they will end up being towed or rolled away on a heavy-duty truck—and On-Site Fleet Services is ready to support their operation with quality repairs and services for these workhorse vehicles.

On-Site Fleet Services’ experience servicing commercial tow trucks and related vehicle systems makes us a valuable partner for both individual vehicle owners and fleet operators. We actively support our customers with a variety of services to ensure their revenue-generating vehicles remain in top shape and operational readiness—because we know you get called as soon as an emergency or accident happens and you need to respond to earn your keep.

Over the years we have developed a strong knowledge base about tow trucks and rollback repairs and maintenance can be performed to resolve these common issues:

Every day, On-Site Fleet Services provides exceptional service to small and medium-sized businesses operating tow trucks, rollbacks and other towing equipment. Trust our knowledge and quality of service to perform any repairs or preventive maintenance related to the towing industry. Your satisfaction is our guarantee—and we work hard to earn your business time after time.


Contact On-Site Fleet Services today to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment or to inquire about repair services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within our service area and we work with fleets of all sizes.